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  • My mother, Madam Ho, age 80 years, have been suffering from joint pain caused by arthritis for three years now. I have brought her to seek professional help and provided her with supplements for joints since. About one year ago, her condition got worse and she started having mobility issues and she even has trouble sleeping. I went to the local pharmacy to get my mother medication to help ease her pain, at least during sleep, when the pharmacist informed me of FLEXISEQ. I decided to give it a try since it's applied externally and it's drug-free. After applying the gel for 1.5 weeks, she felt the positive effects of FLEXISEQ. My mother has been using it for more than 6 weeks now and has since been able to move better and more importantly, she can sleep through the night without being awakened by the pain.
    Mr P.J. Cheok
    Sales Administrator, 58 years, Lumut
  • I have been suffering from pain in my knee joints for about one year now. About four months ago I had to leave my job because the pain got intolerable. As an avid runner and badminton enthusiast, I had to stop these activities as well. I have tried taking glucosamine and pain killers but it did not help, then I came across the FLEXISEQ advertisement while reading the newspaper one day and decided to give it a try since it's used externally and looked easy to use. After applying FLEXISEQ for one week, I felt significant pain relief in my knee and I'm planning to go back to sports to strengthen my muscles again. I want to be able to continue my daily routine in my old age, and I want to thank FLEXISEQ for making that possible.
    Mr Jagdish Singh
    Teacher, 63 years, Shah Alam